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  Library of Oceanography Research and Abstracts
roman glazman roman glazman

Roman Glazman, circa summer 1986

I. Baroclinic Inertia-Gravity Waves
II. Bubbles Oscillations and Adsorbed Film
III. Equatorial and Meridional Components of Rossby Solitons and Waves
IV. Long Internal Gravity Waves Dynamics and Transport
V. Magnetic Field Induced by Ocean Currents
VI. Mathematical Wave Properties of Ocean and Wind Waves
VII. Passive Scalar Transport and Fluctuation
VIII. Sea Level Measurements and Techniques
IX. Sea State Bias in Altimetry
X. Sea Surface Geometry, Fractal Properties
XI. Surface Wind and Wind Speed
XII. Spectral Analysis of Waves, Equilibrium Spectrum
XIII. Wave Turbulence and Turbulent Diffusion
XIV. Wind-Generated Gravity Waves and Surface Gravity Waves
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There are five textbooks presented within the Library of Oceanography, for which Roman contributed chapters of findings. The first publication in the Ocean Surface (1985), previews Roman Glazman's [more...] Roman Glazman's Library Of Oceanography contains abstracts throughout 14 topics, which are suggested for readers' guidance and ease of navigation. Some of the Abstracts Roman presented at Geosciences' [more...] Works by Roman Glazman appearing on this site represent research that he completed and published in Oceanography and Physics through over 20 years of service at NASA. Altogether, 38 of Roman's complete [more...]
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