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Roman Glazman, circa summer 1986

I. Baroclinic Inertia-Gravity Waves
II. Bubbles Oscillations and Adsorbed Film
III. Equatorial and Meridional Components of Rossby Solitons and Waves
IV. Long Internal Gravity Waves Dynamics and Transport
V. Magnetic Field Induced by Ocean Currents
VI. Mathematical Wave Properties of Ocean and Wind Waves
VII. Passive Scalar Transport and Fluctuation
VIII. Sea Level Measurements and Techniques
IX. Sea State Bias in Altimetry
X. Sea Surface Geometry, Fractal Properties
XI. Surface Wind and Wind Speed
XII. Spectral Analysis of Waves, Equilibrium Spectrum
XIII. Wave Turbulence and Turbulent Diffusion
XIV. Wind-Generated Gravity Waves and Surface Gravity Waves

Non-Linear Variability in Geophysics

The Ocean Surface
Non-Linear Variability in Geophysics
Fractals in Natural Sciences
Nonlinear Waves and Weak Turbulence
Stochastic Models in Geosystems
About the Book: Abstract Fractal Nature Of Surface Geometry In A Developed Sea
Glazman, Roman E.

The book contains a collection of papers from a wide variety of geophysical specializations. They share a preoccupation with a basic aspect of geophysical phenomena: the existence of highly variable fractal structures over wide ranges of scale. While variability has always been an important subject of geophysical research, in the last 10 years, a series of developments in chaos, non-linear dynamics, turbulence and fractals - some of which were specifically stimulated by this basic geophysical problematic - have given it a more precise focus and have lead to profound changes in our outlook. These developments were encouraged by a number of specialized workshops and symposia in particular: "Scaling, Fractals and Non-linear Variability in Geophysics" and the Joint Session "Chaos, Turbulence and Nonlinear Variability in Geophysics" (European Geophysical Society XIV General Assembly, Barcelona, 13-17/3 1989).

As the table of contents indicates, the contributors came from a wide variety of geophysical backgrounds. We have provided some structure by assigning papers to the following categories: turbulence and geophysical fluid dynamics, data analysis techniques, modelling and analysis of clouds, rain and other atmospheric fields, modelling and analysis of the climate, oceans, and solid earth geophysics, and remote sensing. One of our goals was specifically to encourage research in these relatively new areas, so this book is clearly a resarch book, although some efforts have been made to make research papers as accessible as possible.

The section on the Modeling and Analysis of the climate, ocean and solid earth geophysics includes a valuable paper by Roman E. Glazman which relates the standard oceanographic phenomenology of ocean wave spectra with a geometrical fractal description. Perrie describes a statistical closure technique for obtaining scaling spectra. The paper by Jensen et al. discusses the special role of 1/f noises in linear models of geophysical processes, and Todoeschuck et al. applies them to the problem of seismic deconvolution, supporting this approach with mine-core data of propagation speed variation with depth. Ladoy investigates a number of empirical climate series using energy spectra, and probability distributions to investigate the scaling and extreme temperature and rainfall fluctuations. Nemberg et al. investigate 500mb atmospheric pressure data for evidence of the existence of low-dimensional strange attractions, as part of the on-going debate over whether atmospheric fields can be represented by a small number of degrees of freedom rather than the nearly infinite number usually assumed in the turbulence literature. Finally a paper by Viswanathan investigates the scaling and fluctuation properties of global climate models.

We are greatly indebted to a number of colleagues and collaborators who gave valuable help during various stages of the editorial process, from proof-reading, typing as well as various useful comments and suggestions.

Non-Linear Variability in Geophysics Table of Contents
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